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Industrialist using precious metals: Aeronautics, electronic, Cecilor treats for you

- Ceramic catalysts containing platinum or palladium used for oil refining reactors.
- Galvanic baths containing gold or platinum used for the production of circuit boards
- Manufacturing rejection of microchips
- Protective layers for satellite

Cecilor collects, processes, analyses, repurchases these wastes using various methods according to the needs and volume of each


1- Industrial processing of waste

The customer remains, at any time, sole owner of its waste. He trusts Cecilor with the processing   of  the waste whilst the firm ensures the return of the precious metals contained in his waste in the  form of ingots, with analysis certificates giving the value of each of them.

Cecilor provides a service mainly industrial, which involves melting, grinding, and laboratory analyses

2- Industrial processing + restitution of matter

Restitution of metal
Completing the industrial process, the restitution is done under the form of pure metals, based on the value of the precious metal calculated by the laboratory.
Cecilor’s services are diverse, industrial and commercial, the restitution of precious metals occurring under the terms decided by the clients: fine metals or alloys. This of course, requires the choice to be compatible with the volume treated and the minimum sales set by the market.

Supplier’s weight account
The restitution may not be materialised by a physical transfer of matter between Cecilor and its customers but by putting it on a supplier’s weight account. The transaction is feasible regardless of the shape or relative mass of precious metals, without any restriction regarding weight, mass or volume.

3- Repurchase of waste after treatment

Repurchase is proposed after communication of test results: it also relies on the market value of the metals at the time.

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