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Whether you are a manufacturer, designer, repairer, polisher, setter, CECILOR offers to deal with:

- Filings, trifles, rags

- Defective releases manufacturing, customer returns

- Sweepings workshop, faded hand filters, sludge

- Gold and rhodium plating baths

- Other products, components or equipment containing precious metal waste, mainly gold but also silver, platinum and palladium.

Professional Jewellers

Cecilor treats for you:

Old tooth crown, dental amalgam and remains

Filings, sweepings, manufacturer’s rejections

As well any products containing gold waste.

Cecilor has partnered up with the ‘’UNICEF’’ for this operation. It involves collecting dental gold waste from French and European dentists in the interest of children around the world.

Their smile is worth gold.

Prosthetic dentists and Dental cares


What Cecilor provides you with

The technical treatment of your waste:

Industrial processing

Cecilor guarantees the melting, grinding and laboratory analyses of your waste in its premises upon its reception. 


The return of your precious metals:

  A wide range of choices.

1/ Whilst you entrust Cecilor with the treatment of your waste, you remain sole owner at any time. After treatment, Cecilor ensures the return of the precious metals contained in your waste in the form of ingots, with analysis certificates giving the value of each of them. 


2/ If you would like to be returned, you would not obtain the raw metals but the equivalent in pure metal, Cecilor offers an industrial and commercial deal, which provides you with gold and silver, on the basis of the value of the precious metals, calculated by laboratory analyses.




3 – Rather than the physical transfer of materials, you may also chose to retrieve at the supplier you usually work with, a sum of money calculated on the basis of the value of the metals contained in your waste. (verifie que ca veuille bien dire ca pk la phrase est alambique ).
The transaction is feasible regardless of the shape or relative mass of precious metals, without any restriction regarding weight, mass or volume.


Redemption of your waste:

immediate or after treatment


Immediate redemption
This alternative applies at any time, a visual expertise is feasible, specifically in terms of trifle or golden dental waste. In this case, the redemption is completed as soon as the wastes are removed and on the basis of the known value of the precious metals at the time of extraction.

After treatment redemption
This services is provided following communication of the analytical result; it also relies on the market value of the precious metals at the time.


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