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Oil professionals and refineries… Cecilor recycles refinery catalysts for you.


Ideally, oil catalysts ought to be regenerated and reused. Their condition does not, however, always allow it and under such circumstances, Cecilor provides you with its’’ door to door’’ service for a full recycling of your catalysts, which optimises the restitution of metals and minimises processing costs.


Cecilor strives to find a suitable solution given the characteristics, quality and properties of the given catalyst: volumes ranging from 500kg to 150 tonnes, water and oil baths, strong presence of grease, dust, boulette cokes?.. In order to enable you to retrieve platinum, palladium, rhenium, in the most optimal way.





Although its service effectively starts from the reception of the catalysts at its industrial plant of Paris/Nanterre, Cecilor assists you through the different steps preceding the sending and the transport: meeting the regulation, imposed by the EEC and the convention of Bale (MSDS) regarding packaging and marking.


Furthermore, it includes:
-Reception, handling, weighing
-Treatment, refining
-Sampling and analysis under the supervision of an expert/ independent intermediary.
-Submission of a sample report confirming the authenticity of the lots and their analysis.
Payment in several forms to choose from: the amount due can be used towards future or ongoing purchases at Cecilor; sale for direct payment at the market price; transfer to the account of a third party.
Since 2002, CECILOR annually treats 300 to 350 tons of oil catalysts with various characteristics.
These volumes, along with the significant number of oil customers the company work with, have been contributing towards its high level of expertise. 

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