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The Firm

Founded in June 1988, CECILOR focuses on the recycling of all industrial waste containing precious metals. The company currently has more than 10,000 customers in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Monaco, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark.

Historical clients are based primarily in the jewellery and dental care sector, whilst the oil sector has been significantly developing for many years.

This diversification reflects the growing necessity for companies to respect the environment and to comply with the requirements of European regulations, which makes them accountable for their waste until their total elimination and requires them to be concerned about the sustainability of their products.

CECILOR strives to constantly improve its already developed and solid technology. The company has set up facilities and efficient equipment to store, melt, grind, process and refine waste in suitable conditions of safety and with environmental friendliness: air filtering, decontamination and reprocessing of emitted fumes.

Furthermore, CECILOR integrates and controls the entire commercial and industrial means of activity.

CECILOR is regarded by its customers as a unique correspondent, for a simple and convenient service. It independently manages all the links in the chain, from waste collection to restoration of raw materials and precious metals, CECILOR provides all of its customers, whether it be small craftsmen or large corporations, with optimal conditions for the repurchase of their waste. 



Transforming dirty, impure, heterogeneous materials into noble, precious and rich ones, taking out from workshops rubbish bag full of gold or silver bullion…

What could be more magical for the uninitiated?

Yet, we should not be mistaken, far from magic, this recycling activity relies on solid technology, heavy equipment and an industrial chain which has been meticulously developed and constantly improved.

Although, it technically compares with any conventional industrial activity, Cecilor has a real originality: it is earnestly involved in the collective effort of the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development of goods and products.

But the real performance is that it allows companies to turn a costly activity, namely the processing of their waste, into a lucrative one thanks to the new financial resources available. In some cases, it effectively transforms a legal obligation, thereby a constraint, into an asset for the company. That is ideal, and still not magical. 


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